Our Tour Leaders

Danny Vargas

Danny was born in the Peruvian highlands at over 3550 meters above sea level, where the Andes meets the Rainforest between Cusco and Puerto Maldonado. He spent his life between all these habitats that this area comprises with both indigenous groups and forest rangers. He is an accredited, very versatile guide, well versed and trained in natural history, archaeology, history, anthropology and Peruvian culture. He has worked several years as a wildlife and nature guide in Manu National Park and has excellent language skills. Danny has travelled extensively to over 15 countries sampling other cultures and wildlife and in Manu has worked on the Blue-headed Macaw conservation project. He enjoys showing the wonders of the rain forests to visitors from other countries.

Richard Amable

Richard Amable´s interest in birds and birding began at the age of nineteen while growing up in on a ranch near Puerto Maldonado, Peru. This interest in birds led him to participate in projects such as the Tambopata Macaw project at Tambopata Research Center, and the WWF project, studying Macaws using radio telemetry and tracking at Los Amigos Biological Station. Richard has performed volunteer fieldwork for several studies involving parrot research and conservation efforts in Peru and Bolivia, and is experienced in leading educational bird trips in Peru. Richard Amable has assumed leadership positions as the manager and Guide - Instructor of Jacamar Club - Peru, developing trips and courses focused on bird observation and interactions for all age groups. He is fluent in English, Spanish and Portuguese and currently lives in the United States with his wife.

Alejandro Tello

Alejandro Tello Guevara who was born in 1968 is a naturalist, photographer and consultant for conservation and research projects related to birds, wildlife and wetlands. His most recent publications include - "A guide to the flora and fauna of wetland in the Lima area” , “ Resident and migratory birds of the Paracas Reserve" and “ Lima wildlife and spectacular journeys” He is a birdwatching guide and tour leader His environmental work has been recognized by the Institute of Photographic art in Astin Texas), Conservation International and the International Center for Journalists (ICFJ). He knows the birds of Lima area well and is fluent in English.

Eduardo Navarro

A passionate naturalist, Eduardo has remained close to outdoors activities throughout his career. He was born in Santiago, capital city of Chile, but grew up in Punta Arenas where he developed his fascination for wildlife and birds. With a veterinarian background, since early years at university he showed an interest in biodiversity, conservation and ornithology.

He has participated in different wildlife conservation projects in Chile, Bolivia and lately in Sydney, working with different species such as guanacos, south Andean deer, pumas, Andean condors, raptors and shorebirds.

One of his passions is to travel around the world discovering new places, cultures and of course, looking for new birds. During recent years he has travelled around Europe and Asia, either walking in the Nepalese Himalayas, discovering Thailand's wetlands and getting lost among the ruins of Cambodia, always with his binoculars in hand. Eduardo has lived for the last one and a half years in Australia and now he is excited to be part of ALBATROSS BIRDING and share with other birders worldwide the wonderful experience of bird watching in Chile.

Silverio Duri

Silverio was born in the Rainforests of Peru and comes from the Ese-Eja indigenous community on the Tambopata River where he is an important community leader. He has worked for many years as a rainforest natural history guide in the Tambopata-Candamo National Park and has specialized in leading bird tours for more than a decade learning from some of the most renowned ornithologists and bird tour leaders that have visited the area. He has the eyes and ears of a true native of the rainforests and is incredibly adept at spotting quietly sitting birds and his knowledge of birdsong is unsurpassed. He has broadened his horizons and is now one of our top bird tour leaders in Manu, Bolivia and Machu Picchu and North Peru. He is renowned for his field craft and knowledge of all aspects of rainforest ecology and is a great all rounder and is very conversationalist and good at getting all onto the bird.

Barry Walker

Barry Walker was born near Manchester, England and started bird watching at the age of 13. After birding extensively in Europe and the Middle East, Barry switched his attention to the neo-tropics and has extensive birding experience in Chile, Guyana, and Suriname, Ecuador, and particularly Peru, Colombia, Brazil and Bolivia. He has participated in many ornithological expeditions and contributed to many scientific and general publications concerning birds in Peru. Living in Cusco, Peru for 30 years, Barry has visited every corner of the country as a trekking guide, natural History guide and specifically as a bird tour leader, and he is the author of the well received books A Field Guide to the Birds of Machu Picchu and the Cuzco area, Peru and Peruvian Wildlife: A Visitor's Guide to the High Andes. Having seen 1700 plus species in Peru alone he is well known for his field craft when leading tours. He is married with a and with his wife Rosario, is owner of Manu Expeditions a pioneer eco-tour operator in Manu specializing in natural history, horse riding and cultural trips, as well as bird watching tours. Barry has also participated in many archaeological expeditions, discovered unknown Inca archaeological sites and has a keen interest in the Inca period and the Conquest of Peru. Barry also occupies the post of British Consul in Cusco, and was named a Member of the British Empire in the Queens New Years Honors list 2004. He supports Manchester United and Cienciano from Cusco, soccer being another of his passions.

Gustavo Bautista

Gustavo Bautista was born and raised in Lima but has been living in Cusco since 2010. He is a birder with a passion for nature, with a background as a tour leader, specialized in ecotourism and birding. Gustavo’s interest in birds began at the age of thirteen when he traveled for the first time to the Peruvian Amazon where was amazed by the extraordinary beauty of nature in the Tambopata National Park, Peru. Since then his interest in nature and birding grew and he decided to follow studies in ecotourism. He started birding at the age of nineteen at the Pantanos de Villa Wildlife Refuge in Lima, where he undertook his first research concerning nocturnal bird vocalizations. After finishing his studies, he moved to Tampopata, where he started leading bird tours for Rainforest Expeditions. He also began performing volunteer fieldwork for several studies such as Macaw Researching, Bird Census’ in Lima and Cusco and a project about nocturnal bird behavior according to the moon phase, at the Explorer’s Inn Lodge in Tambopata. Gustavo has worked in Colombia for the NGO Proaves, and leads bird tours in Colombia and Peru and has been doing so for 10 years

Fred Tavares

Fred is our Brazil specialist based in Bello Horizonte in the State of Minas Gerais. Fred Tavares has completed extensive study in biology, the primates of southeastern Brazil and the ecology of the Pantanal region, and holds a degree from Izabela Hendrix University in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. He has been a hiking and naturalist guide since 1999, with particular emphasis on Southeastern Brazil, along with Pantanal and Northeast areas. Fred is known as a leading instructor on natural history guiding and interpretation techniques, and has taught many courses on those subjects. He possesses an enormous enthusiasm for his work to go with his vast knowledge of Brazilian birds. He is enthusiastic and tireless and usually gets his bird! He has represented Brazil in two international bird races held in Peru. He supports Flamenco, soccer being another of his passions.

Fernando Díaz

Or "Feña", showed a special interest in birds that live around his neighborhood since his childhood. He grew up birding in the fields and wetlands of Lampa, a few kilometers from Santiago, where he early developed abilities to observe birds. Feña’s has strong skills to recognize birds by song. His first serious approach to bird studies was when he had been invited to participate as a volunteer in waterfowl censuses and bird banding. This changed his direction and prompted him to leave his then job as landscape developer to devote time to his true passion, Birds and Nature! He has traveled extensively through most of the habitats of Chile and several countries in South America, birding and studying birds. He also spent 5 months banding birds in the US and Canada. He enjoys spending time birding in the field, especially in the high Andes of Chile, where he co-leads a study on the charismatic Diademed Sandpiper-Plover. Feña is also one of the eBird-Chile reviewers and he is involved in several other bird projects with the Chilean NGO “Red de Observadores de Aves de Chile “(the Chilean Birders Network). He leads bird trips in Chile and Argentina. When he leads tours, he enjoys showing each possible bird, teaching about their ecology and showing all aspects of nature.

Alex Durand

Alex is from Southern Peru-Cuzco; He received a degree in tourism. He has worked for many years as a rainforest natural history and bird guide in the Manu National Park. Now Alex is one of our top bird tour leaders in the North, Central and Southern Peru. He is renowned for his field craft and knowledge of all aspects of tropical ecology. Birds were his passion since was a teenager. He gets rave reviews from our clients such as “Alex was not just good but excellent and appeared to be able to magic birds out of thin air and the rest of the group spoke incredibly highly of Alex, he was fantastic. He was like the energizer bunny and kept on going. His birding skills were exceptional".